Junior Foundation

The Junior Foundation at Rolling Hills believes that in everything we do, we need to offer more in return.

The Junior Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for designated charities, while utilizing gifts and the knowledge of local high school students. Through the experience of being a board member and learning Roberts Rules of Order, the committed youth at The Club at Rolling Hills gain valuable knowledge and give back to the community. The two main Junior Foundation events that are held annually at The Club at Rolling Hills include the Golf & Tennis Swap and the Duck Race & Carnival. At the Golf & Tennis Swap, The Junior Foundation collects used golf and tennis equipment and sells it at a reduced price. Last year, the Foundation was able to raise $700 through the swap. The Duck Race & Carnival is a free event with giant inflatables, lawn games, face painting and other fun activities. The duck race runs down the canal through the golf course. Last year, the Foundation was able to raise $8,000 at this event.  The Junior Foundation 2018 charity is the Project Sanctuary.

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I understand that joining the Junior Foundation at Rolling Hills requires a minimum commitment of time (80% of all the meetings and activities held for a Junior Foundation Member) and I am willing to commit to meeting that requirement in order to be considered a member in good standing. I understand that if I do not attend at least 80% of the planned activities of the Junior Foundation my membership can be suspended or revoked. I further attest that all the information that I have provided above is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.