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  • General
    • NOTICE

      The Club rules and traditions may be amended by the Board of Directors at any time without prior notice thereof.

      Lost or Damaged Items

      The Club will not be responsible for the loss, theft of, or damage to property of any kind or nature belonging to members, guests, visitors or employees. If any Club property is lost or damaged by a member, such member shall be liable thereof, and an amount thereof will be included in the responsible member’s account. Lost articles not claimed within ninety (90) days, may be disposed of at the discretion of the House Committee.


      Automobiles must not be parked in a way that prohibits entrance to the club.

      general Rules

      1. Dogs and other pets shall not be permitted on any part of the Club property or in the Clubhouse, with the exception of service animals.
      2. No member or guest shall send any employee off the Club grounds.
      3. Bank checks, drawn or endorsed by a member or non-member, will be cashed by the Club, provided; however, that (1) no member or guest may have checks cashed by the Club in excess of $100.00 and (2) the cash is received personally by such member or guest.
      4. No subscriptions shall be solicited, nor shall any article be exposed for sale, nor any advertisement displayed or circulated in the Clubhouse or upon the Club grounds, without the permission of the House Committee.
      5. No person whose membership has been forfeited, or is suspended or who has once been denied guest privileges or membership may be entertained at the Club.
      6. Loud or profane language in or about the Clubhouse or grounds is expressly prohibited.
      7. Members may not use nor allow others to use The Club at Rolling Hills Membership Directory for any commercial purpose whatsoever.
      8. In accordance with Colorado Law, smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or any indoor areas.  Per Club policy, this includes prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes.

      2016 Membership Behavior Letter
  • Dress Code
    • Golf Course Dress Code Guidelines

      Members, their spouses, children and guests are required to dress neatly in appropriate golf attire when using the golf course or practice areas. Appropriate golf attire is clothing consistent with the type of golf clothing that is available in a private club pro shop. Blue jeans, denim type pants, short shorts, workout (sweat pants), commercially printed t-shirts and swimwear are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities at any time. No metal spikes are permitted on the course or practice areas.

      New for 2017
      Leggings are permissible underneath skirts, skorts or shorts.  Leggings only are not dress code appropriate.  Fitness attire is not permitted on the course.

      Clubhouse and Dining Area Dress Code Guidelines

      Clothes Guideline Definitions
      Members, guests and children are expected to dress in a manner appropriate and in good taste for a premier private country club. Golf and tennis attire, as sold in our pro shops, is acceptable with the exception of cotton t-shirts, cotton sweatshirts and cotton sweatpants. For sports attire that violates the club dress code, appropriate outerwear is required as a cover up. Appropriate denim is permitted in most areas of the Club, however, is not permissible on the golf course.

      Unacceptable Attire
      • Men: Collarless cotton t-shirts, collarless cotton sweat shirts, sleeveless shirts and men’s tank tops.
      • Cotton sweatpants are not allowed on adults
      • Any clothing that is ripped, frayed or obviously dirty
      • Work-out or swim attire
      • Excessively large or inappropriate logos on clothing
      • Excessively short shorts or miniskirts (with the exception of appropriate tennis skirts). Our standard is set by the typical length of golf shorts.

      Children under 12 years of age, are permitted to wear appropriate cotton t-shirts, cotton sweatshirts and cotton sweatpants, as long as they do not display excessively large or inappropriate logos.


      Management will report any violation of these rules to the House Committee. Members are required to inform their guest of the rules. Any issues with other members should be dealt with through management and not on a direct basis.
      *Occasionally the dress code will be amended for particular club events and a temporary dress code will be enforced for those specific events.

      Pool Dress Code Guidelines

  • Dining
    • (303) 327-2386

      Dining Hours

      (Tuesday- Sunday)
      Hours may be subject to change

      Winter Schedule- November 1 - March 31
      Tuesday - Saturday
      8:00 am - 9:00 pm 
      8:00 am - 8:00 pm

      Summer Schedule- April 1- October 31
      Tuesday- Sunday
      7:00 am - 9:00 pm

      Banquets, Parties & Entertainment

      The Club at Rolling Hills Food and Beverage department is a full service dining provider ranging from classic dishes and comfort foods to ethnic cuisines and themed parties. We provide table service and buffet service in fine dining and casual dining atmospheres. We have a full range of adult beverage options and will source any of your specialty dining and event needs. For pricing and menu information, please refer to the website at or contact the Banquet and Events Manager at 303-327-2367.

      Dining Guest Policy

      All guests must be accompanied by a member or permitted family member at all times.


      Banquets, Parties, and Entertainment
      1. Homestead and Saddleback banquets rooms are available for booking at any time on a first come first served basis.
      2. The Main Dining Room, Stampede Grill, is available as the schedule allows.
      3. Special parties and entertainment are available.
      4. There will be a 17% gratuity for member events and a 20% surcharge/gratuity for member-sponsored and non-member events.
      5. There will be a room fee for non-member and member-sponsored private events.

      1. Members are responsible to sign their tab for all sales of food and beverage at the Club facilities.
      2. Dependents, age 13 and older, will be allowed to dine at the Club with the approval of their parents. Children, under the age of 13, will be permitted in the Clubhouse only when accompanied by an adult entitled to the privileges of the Club.
      3. Federal and State liquor laws will be strictly observed. No liquor shall be sold to or consumed by minors (under the age of 21 years) in the Clubhouse or on Club grounds.
      4. Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought into the Club or onto Club property, including the pool area.
      5. Loud or profane language in or about the Clubhouse or grounds is expressly prohibited.
      6. Members may not use nor allow others to use The Club at Rolling Hills Membership Directory for any commercial purpose whatsoever.
      7. When conditions exist that the Main Dining area, Stampede Grill, is filled to capacity, the Food and Beverage Director may decide to use Suds’ Place as a full service dining area.

      Complaints and suggestions shall be in writing and addressed to the General Manager. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.


      Management will report any violation of these rules to the House Committee. Members are required to inform their guest of the rules. Any issues with other members should be dealt with through management and not on a direct basis.
      *Occasionally the dress code will be amended for particular club events and a temporary dress code will be enforced for those specific events.

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  • Golf
    • (303) 279-7858

      Golf Shop Hours (Tuesday- Sunday)

      Jan. 1 - Mar. 31
      9:00 am - 5:00 pm
      Apr. 1 - Apr. 30
      8:00 am - 6:00 pm
      May 1 - May 31
      7:30 am - 7:00 pm 
      Jun. 1 - Aug. 31
      7:00 am - 7:00 pm
      Sep. 1 - Sep. 30
      7:30 am - 7:00 pm
      Oct. 1 - Oct. 31
      8:00 am - 6:00 pm
      Nov. 1 - Dec. 31
      9:00 am - 5:00 pm

      Driving Range Hours (Tuesday - Sunday)

      Winter (Jan. 1 - Mar. 31 & Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)
      9:00 am- 1 hour before sunset
      Summer (Apr. 1 - Sep. 30)
      7:00 am - 7:00 pm

      The golf course, Golf Shop, fitness center & all practice areas are CLOSED on Mondays. Members are not permitted to practice or play golf when the course is closed. Members are not permitted on the golf course before designated Golf Shop hours.

      Frost Policy

      When morning play is delayed due to frost or freeze, all golf activity is suspended. This includes the practice range and all practice greens. It is important that all members observe this policy as the tissue and cellular structure of grass in this condition is especially fragile and recovery is delayed until the following season.

      Club Care & Cleaning

      Club Care and cleaning services are available year round for members, spouses, juniors and their guests. Golf Shop staff and/or outside services are available during Golf Shop hours to transport clubs from the bag drop area or club storage to the golf staging area. Our Club Care area features individual, vertical bag racks and a state of the art club cleaning machine. Members of the Club Care program will have their bags tagged with a personalized ID tag and will be stored on site. Each club will be labeled with the members name and contact information for the Club. In addition, there is a special area set aside for juniors in the club storage room.

      Please refer to fee schedule for pricing information. The Club at Rolling Hills is not responsible for items lost or stolen.

      Guest Clubs

      For security reasons, it is recommended that guests place their clubs in their automobile immediately after play. Guests’ clubs will be placed on the club rack near the Golf Shop after the Golf Shop closes. Every effort will be made to notify guests when the Golf Shop is closing, so they might put their clubs in their car. Neither the Golf Shop nor the The Club at Rolling Hills is responsible for clubs left on the club rack.

      Club Repairs

      All repairs, re-gripping and special cleaning of golf equipment should be arranged through the professional staff in the Golf Shop.

      Rental Clubs

      The Club at Rolling Hills has rental clubs available for $30 which will include two sleeves of golf balls, six balls total. Please contact the Golf Shop in advance if you need rental clubs.

      Hole in One Club

      All members with a golf handicap are added to the Hole in One Club. This includes the primary and secondary member. Members may opt out from the beginning or at any time. This is covered at new member orientation.
      Any time a Hole in One Club member makes a hole in one, at Rolling Hills with at least one other member present, all members in the Hole in One Club are billed $5.00.
      The Hole in One flag is hung on the deck off of the Stampede Grill. While this flag is out, the Hole in One bar tab is available until sunset. Members in the Hole in Once Club are permitted one drink from either the Stampede Grill or Suds’ Place while the flag is still out. There is no restriction on the type of drink.
      The member who achieved the Hole in One wins a $750 Golf Shop credit that expires at the end of the calendar year and a plaque is engraved to celebrate the achievement. Each year in October, if there are funds remaining in the Hole in One Club account, the amount is divided between the Hole in One winners and is given as Golf Shop credit that expires the following year.

      Junior Golf Program

      It is our mission to provide the highest level of golf instruction for all junior golfers. We will provide a fun, safe, and high quality experience, which will encourage junior golfers to attain a skill level allowing them to enjoy the game and give them the knowledge necessary to learn respect for the game, its rules, its etiquette and the golf course. We will be accomplished through planning, promotion, execution, and evaluation in cooperation with professionals, the director of junior golf and parents of the junior golfers.
      Wednesday mornings during the summer months of June through July, the golf course is reserved for junior golf between the hours of 7:00 am through 11:30 am.

      Gift Cards

      Gift cards issued from the Golf Shop can be used for merchandise purchases only. They cannot be used for club repair or golf lessons.

      Golf Course pace of play policy - Update 2017

      The Club is committed to enhancing every member’s golf experience. Pace of Play is a very important aspect of your experience.

      The Board of Directors has outlined the policy as follows:
      1. Members are encouraged to complete all rounds of golf in no more than four (4) hours.
      2. Members are EXPECTED to complete all rounds of golf in no more than four (4) hours and 10 minutes.

      The Board has instructed the staff in the golf shop to report to the golf committee the names of ALL members of any group that does not complete their round in 4 hours and 10 minutes. If a group of members does exceed this time line, the following penalties will result:

      1st infraction
      All members of the group will be contacted by the golf committee and given a written warning.
      2nd infraction
      All members of the group will have their names and time of the round posted in the Golf Shop for three months. Any future golf rounds with three guests will require the use of a forecaddie between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 p.m. at the expense of the member.
      3rd infraction
      Loss of playing privileges before 2:00 p.m. for two weeks, loss of 5-some playing privileges for 3 months and the loss of guest privileges for 5 weeks.
      4th infraction
      Referred to the Board of Directors for further action and may include loss of playing privileges and other sanctions

      Golfers are required to be at the tee and to tee off at their designated tee time. If you are late for your tee time, you may then play only if there is an open tee time later in the day.

      ONLY IF there are no tee times and no golfers behind you AND you have not delayed the play of others at any point during your round, you may be allowed to exceed 4 hours and 10 minutes.

      If you are experiencing a group in front who is not on pace, you are strongly encouraged to call the golf shop to report the slow play. The staff is authorized to ask slow groups to pick up and move to the next tee, skip a hole or take other action deemed necessary by the golf staff to keep pace.

      Please do not aggressively confront other members directly on the course!

      Any golfers who treat golf shop staff disrespectfully will be subject to sanctions to be determined by the Board of Directors including possible loss of club privileges.

      The Director of Golf is responsible for ensuring the pace of play policy is carried out.


      • All members, ladies and gentlemen, must have an established handicap to participate in any club competition.
      • Handicap requirements for tournament play are posted in the handicap case in the Golf Shop.
      • Members not having handicaps should contact the Golf Shop for handicap purposes.
      • Handicap information: The procedure, outlined herein, is to be followed by each player.

      Practice Balls

      1. Resident members – no charge, available on range.
      2. Social members, who have a registered tee time for the day of play only, can use the free range ball program; otherwise, Social members can use the range ball program for a daily fee of $10, or an annual fee of $350 to be billed annually in advance.

      Battery Powered Carts and Pull Carts

      1. It is the Club’s policy that carts stay on the paths that are provided around greens and tees. All par 3s have continuous paths from tee to green. Please drive your cart on the paths where provided. Do not drive between the cart path and the elevated areas surrounding the greens and tees. As you approach the green, keep your cart a minimum of 30 feet away from the green.
        1. Carts and pull carts are not permitted to cross the green line.

        2. All carts including blue flagged carts are not permitted to cross the green line, enter and leave cart paths at a different location, or different angle whenever possible.
      2. Avoid driving in the wet areas and worn out or bare areas.
      3. Start and stop slowly. Do not spin or slide wheels.
      4. Operator must have a valid driver’s license.
      5. Fee will apply for each 9 or 18-holes.
      6. Members are responsible for their pull carts at all times. There is no provision for storage of carts.

      Playing Rules

      2. Golfers will not hit driving range balls from other than the driving range.
      3. The driving range mats will be used to rest the grass as needed.
      4. Two or more players will not play out of the same bag.
      5. Fivesomes: The fivesomes must complete play in four hours and ten minutes or less and keep pace with the group ahead.
        *Any violation of the above condition will result in all players in the group being denied the right to play in a fivesome for the rest of the season.
      6. Junior Golf
        1. All juniors ages 4-11 must be accompanied by an adult while on the golf course and while using all the practice areas and when on the golf course they must be playing with their own clubs. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted on the golf course or practice areas under any circumstances for safety reasons.
        2. Juniors 12 and over may call one day in advance for any open tee times before 10:00 AM if they are accompanied by an adult, otherwise, they may call the same day for open tee times after 10:00 AM.
        3. Juniors 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult and may call one day in advance for any open tee times after 1:00 PM.
        4. Juniors 4-6 must be accompanied by an adult and may call one day in advance for any open tee times after 4:00 PM during the On-Season or after 12:00 PM during the Off-Season.
        5. The Junior Golf Program is run on Wednesday’s during the designated summer season. During this time, the tee sheet will be reserved for Junior Golf on Wednesday mornings until 11:30 am and the driving range will be reserved until 11:00 am.

      Golf Scheduling

      Starting Time Priorities

      1. Member: The individual who is designated as the member.

      2. Spouse: The wife or husband of the member.

      3. Significant Other: Designated through the membership office with the same privileges as a spouse.

      4. Guests: Someone who is not a member, spouse, nor eligible dependent.

      5. Dependents: The definition of a dependent is in the Bylaws, Article IV; Sec. 3-C. Dependents are considered juniors through the age of 23. Junior golfers are divided into three categories.
        • Age 12 through 18
        • Age 7 through 11
        • Age 4 through 6
      6. Social Members: Those members who pay green fees to play. Social members may only call, or be included in a tee time on the same day they intend to play. Social members may play as guests of Resident members by paying the regular guest fee.

      7. Family Guests: Non dependent children, children’s spouses, siblings, parents, and/or grandparents of member and/or spouse
      * Please remember you cannot replace an "X" with a non-member.

      Scheduling Policy

      1. Ladies Golf
        The ladies days for golf are Tuesday and Thursday mornings. On these two days, the tee sheet is reserved for female members of the Club until 9:30 am with no exceptions.

      2. Tee Time Scheduling:
        • Primary Member: The members designated on the membership as the primary member may call one week in advance for open tee times
        • Spouse/Significant Other: The member designated on the membership as the spouse/significant other may call one week in advance for open tee times.
        • Guest Play: Guest tee times may be made five days in advance.
        • Juniors: Please see the section above regarding junior tee time scheduling
      3. Saturday-Sunday & Holiday Play
        The weekends and holiday tee times are considered the prime time tee times on the golf course. In order to provide all members equitable access to the tee times, the tee times are done through a lottery system. Put in a lottery request with your name and the names of your group, what time you prefer to play and what day. On Friday morning the tee sheets will be made for the weekend no later than 9:00 AM at which point you may call to ask what your tee time is.

        Weekend tee times are available under the following schedule:

        • Primary Members only until 10:00 am
        • Primary Members, Spouses/Significant Others and Juniors/Dependents after 10am
        • Guests permitted after 12:00 pm (off season 10 am)
        • Primary Members only until 8:00 AM or one hour after first tee time
        • Primary Members, Spouses/Significant Others after 8:00 AM (if playing together)
        • Primary Members, Spouses/Significant Others and Juniors/Dependents over
        • Age 12 after 10am
        • Guests permitted after 12pm (off season 10am)

      * On a trial basis, secondary Members and Dependents over 16 years old, can make a weekend or Holiday tee time for any restricted times with the primary member or open foursome only, the day before at 5 pm or later. The tee time must be made through the Golf Shop.

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  • Swim and Pool

    • Pool Hours

      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
      Open Swim 12:30 pm – 7:00 pm
      Open Swim 12:30 pm – 9:00 pm
      Friday, Saturday and Sunday
      Adult Swim 9:00 am – 10:00 am
      Open Swim 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

      Swim & Dive Team Practices and Swim Lessons

      Monday- Thursday
      8:00 am – 12:30 pm
      • When swimming lessons are not scheduled, the pool will open at 10:00 am.
      • When hosting a home swim meet, the pool will open at approximately 1:00 pm or 1 hour after meet concludes.
      • Home swim meet dates will be posted ahead of schedule and available on the website Swim page.

      Swimming Rules

      1. Registration: It is REQUIRED for a member of each family to register at the gate immediately upon entering the pool area. Please provide name AND account number when signing the pool register.
      2. It is required for all guests to be accompanied by a member. The member MUST register the guest upon arrival prior to entering the pool area. The guest must agree to and sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. Members’ non-dependent children are considered guests; therefore, must be accompanied by the member during swim outings. Guest fee is $10.00 per guest. There will be no guest fee for children under the age of five. Further, no individual shall be permitted to be a guest at the pool more than six (6) visits per month exclusive of special events. Discounted pool passes are available for purchase at the Main Office.
      3. During Open Swim, the member must, at ALL TIMES, remain with the guest in the pool area. If the guest arrives prior to the member’s arrival, the guest must wait outside the pool area until the member arrives.
      4. Grandchildren under the age of 19, when accompanied by one or both grandparents who are members of The Club at Rolling Hills, shall be allowed access to all swimming pool facilities without charge, but are subject to all pertinent rules and regulations. Non-member parents of such children are to be considered guests and subject to existing guest fees for use of swimming pool facilities.

      5. Towels: Towels are available for rent at the pool office for $1. If a towel is not returned, the member will be charged an additional $5.

      6. Food Service: Food and beverage consumed at the pool must be purchased at the pool restaurant. In accordance with House Rules, food and beverages are not allowed to be brought on Club property or carried off the premises. (No Catering is allowed).
      7. Swimmers must wear proper swimming attire when swimming in the pool. Cutoff jeans or shorts are not permitted in the pool.
      8. Children under 12 years of age must not be left at the pool without a parent or guardian.
      9. Dependent children unsupervised without an adult can bring no more than (1) guest to the pool.
      10. Running, pushing and rough play will not be allowed in the pool area. The pool manager, head lifeguard in the manager’s absence, or appropriate manager on duty, has the authority to reprimand and/or expel from the pool anyone endangering the safety of others or for any infraction of rules.
      11. The lifeguards will have full control of the swimming pool and will control swimming with safety issues as the top priority.
      12. Smoking is prohibited.
      14. Anyone using profanity will be asked to vacate the pool area immediately.
      15. Members and their guests will not be permitted in the Clubhouse in swimming suits, except to and from locker rooms on the lower level only.
      16. The locker rooms and steam rooms are restricted to members and members of their family sixteen (16) years and older. Children under sixteen (16) may use the locker room if accompanied by their parent.
      17. Spitting, spouting or nose-blowing in the pool is strictly prohibited.
      18. Use of floatation devices must be approved by the Pool manager.
      19. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.
      The swimming pool staff will ensure that the swimming pool is a safe and pleasant place to enjoy the summer. We hope you and your family will find the pool a relaxing environment and spend many enjoyable hours at the facility.

      Swim Instruction and Competition

      1. Regular swim and dive team competitions are held with other teams in our swim league and new recruits are encouraged to sign up with the teams and participate. League schedule to be announced in May.

      2. Lessons: Individual and group swimming and diving instruction are available for children of members and grandchildren of members. Please contact the pool manager. Cost of swimming and diving lessons will be $40 per session, per child. Private lessons for members, children of members, and grandchildren of members are available through the pool manager at a cost of $25 per half-hour session with a life guard or $30 with a swim coach.

      Swimming and Diving Instruction Program

      1. Swimming classes will be available Monday through Thursday in June and July.
      2. Four two-week sessions for swimming classes will be held.
      3. The following swimming classes will be available at The Club at Rolling Hills: Beginners; Beginners 1; Advanced Beginners; Intermediate Swimmers; Competitive Strokes. (Red Cross Levels I-VII). We will offer a swim team preparatory program for children, six years and under, who are interested in being on the swim team.
      4. There will be no prorated fees for swimming/diving lessons. Members will be billed in two installments in June and July.

      Competitive Swimming Program

      The Club at Rolling Hills is a member of the Rocky Mountain Country Club League. Competitive dual, triangular, and championship meets are held during the summer.

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  • Tennis
    • (303) 278-1121

      Tennis Season

      Summer: April 15th – September 30th
      Winter: October 1st - April 14th


      Each person shall check in at the Tennis front desk before playing on either outdoor or indoor courts.

      Use of Courts

      1. Food, carbonated beverages, or smoking is not allowed on the courts.
      2. Tennis attire must be worn for play. Swimsuits are not allowed. Shirts must be worn at all times. Regulation tennis shoes must be worn by all players. Violators may be removed from the courts.
      3. All guests must be accompanied by a member, and pay a $10 guest fee.
      4. Leaning on, striking the top of or jumping over the net is prohibited.
      5. Chairs are not allowed on the playing surface.


      Times will be blocked out for inter-Club matches, men’s night, and other member sponsored special group events. Courts not being used for these events may be reserved by individuals subject to the following conditions and limitations.

      1. Only Rolling Hills members can make reservations.
      2. Outdoor Courts:
        1. Courts may be reserved by adult members one week in advance.
        2. Courts may be reserved by junior members.
        3. All outdoor court reservations will be in 1 ½ hour units for both doubles and singles. The exception is inter-Club practice and matches.
        4. Members making the reservations must check in at the Pro Shop before occupying the court and register by name and/or designate whether a member or guest.
        5. Reservations will be forfeited if the court is not occupied by 15 minutes after the hour of the reservation. A $5.00 court charge will be made for failure to check in on an outdoor court. The Pro, at his discretion, may waive the "No Check In" charge for reasons he feels justified (such as: inclement weather, family emergency, sickness, etc.). Caution: Be sure to sign in at the Pro Shop to avert charges.
        6. A $10.00 "No Show" charge will be assessed at the Pro’s discretion.
      3. Indoor Courts:
        1. Courts are available for rent for the winter season.
        2. Courts not scheduled on a long term period or seasonal rental may be reserved as available.
        3. A member is responsible for his or her permanent court time for the entire season, unless that court can be resold by a member or the Club.
        4. All permanent court times are subject to being preempted by Club scheduled events. (See calendar)
          Court Time Rental Rates:
          • Prime Time: Monday – Friday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
            Saturday, Sunday, Holidays - 8:00 am - 12:00 pm - $22.00 per hour

          • Non-Prime Time: Monday – Friday 8:00 am - 9:00 am & 9:00 pm - close
            Saturday, Sunday 12:00 pm - close - $18.00 per hour
        5. Junior Rates: Walk on rate 50% of adult rate. "Walk on" refers to times when the indoor courts are not "sold".

        6. Guest Fee: $10.00 per person.

        7. Except for teaching court, all indoor courts will be designated for one or two hour units of play.

        8. Should a player reserve a court and find that he is unable to play, it is the responsibility of the player to find a substitute for that reserved time, or be charged the regular court rental.

        9. No court rental fee will be charged to a player taking a lesson on the Pro’s court.

        10. Permanent indoor court time will be payable in two installments,
          October 1st - December 19th & January 2nd - April 14th


      1. All members should adhere to the Honor Code of Ethics of the United States Tennis Association.
      2. Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times.
      3. No running or playing upstairs in the Clubhouse. No animals are allowed in the tennis facility. Standing on the windows is prohibited at all times.
      4. Tennis facilities will either be closed or have limited hours to the following holidays:
        Thanksgiving Day - Closed
        December 24th - Open from 8 am - 1 pm
        December 25th - Closed
        December 31st - Open from 8:00 am – 12 pm
        January 1st -Closed
        Easter Sunday - Closed 

      Guest Privileges

      1. Guests of a member must observe all rules stated by The Club at Rolling Hills.
      2. Adult guests of a member will be allowed to utilize the tennis facility anytime at guest fee rates plus regular court rental rates except on days of tournament play, or special events unless authorized by the Director of Tennis.
      3. Junior guests of a member will be allowed to utilize the tennis facility once per month at one-half the adult guest fee.
      4. Only members have the privilege of inviting guests, and are responsible for all their charges, including guest fees.
      5. Whenever guests are present, at least one member must be in attendance.
      6. Guest fees are to be $10 per day.
      7. Members desiring the use of the Tennis facility for private tennis parties must submit their request in writing to the Tennis Director.

      Court Priorities

      1. All courts will be available on a reservation only basis except for open tennis tournaments, teaching courts, and the Summer Junior Tennis schedule.
      2. Any member may play on any court any time when the court is not in use, but all members must give the court to any other member that has the court reserved when the request time has elapsed.
      3. Teaching Court Schedule

      Summer Session

      Court 8
      8:00 am - 9:00 pm
      Court 7
      8:00 am - 9:00 pm

      Winter Session

      Court 7
      8:00 am - 8:00 pm

      Open Tennis Schedule

      Men and Women’s Open - Summer Season
      Free for members & $10 guest fee for guests

      Men: Saturday & Sunday Courts 1 & 2 
      7:30 am - 12:00 pm
      Women: Sunday Court 3 & 4 
      7:30 am - 12:00 pm

      Winter Season
      $7 for members and $17 ($10 guest fee plus $7 court fee) for guests

      Men: Saturday & Sunday Courts 5 & 6
      8:00 am - 12:00 pm
      Women: Sunday Court 7 & 8 
      8:00 am - 12:00 pm


      1. The Director of Tennis is authorized to hold a Rolling Hills Sanctioned Adult Tournament.
      2. All other member-sponsored tournaments will be approved annually by the Tennis Committee.
      3. Court charges, as appropriated, will be levied on all tournaments.
      4. Regarding the "Club Championship" tournament, the Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles are to be kept exclusively for adult paying members and their spouses.

      Ball Machine Program

      The Match Mate Ball Machine hit top spin, under spin, or flat balls. It can send a ball from 10 - 120 m.p.h. The ball machine will be available on Courts 5 and 6. You may use the ball machine during the permanent winter court time or you can rent available court time. Cost is $12.00 per hour plus the court fee.

      Unlimited use of the ball machine for your entire family for a one year period-
      Cost: $100.00 one time and court fees every time.

      Summer Tennis Schedule

      Men’s Open Play
      Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
      Women’s Open
      Sunday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
      Junior Team Matches
      All courts will be reserved: June - July
      Mondays: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
      Junior Team Practice
      All courts will be reserved indoors: June - July
      Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

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  • Fitness
    • Fitness Hours

      Tuesday- Saturday
      6:00 am – 9:00 pm
      6:00 am – 8:00 pm

      Fitness Rules and Regulations

      1. Only members, secondary members and dependents 16 years old or older, are permitted to use the Fitness room.
      2. Guests are charged $10 per use of the fitness room. Guests may not use the facility more than 4 times per month. Personal trainers are also charged $10 per use, however, are excluded from the 4 times per month rule.

      Fitness Dress Code

      1. Please wear workout attire appropriate for a family-oriented club
      2. Proper workout attire is athletic clothing and shoes specifically designed for fitness
      3. Proper workout attire is athletic clothing and shoes specifically designed for fitness
      4. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Shoe exceptions will be made for Yoga or fitness classes when appropriate
      5. Closed-toe shoes are required for your safety while on the exercise area.
      6. No golf shoes, sandals or flip flops
      7. Cut-off shorts and cut-off shirts are not appropriate

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