The Club Rules and Traditions 

*Board of Directors may be amended any of the following at any time without prior notice*

Lost or Damaged Items The Club will not be responsible for the loss, theft of, or damage to property of any kind or nature belonging to members, guests, visitors or employees. If any Club property is lost or damaged by a member, such member shall be liable thereof, and an amount thereof will be included in the responsible member’s account. Lost articles not claimed within ninety (90) days, may be disposed of at the discretion of the House Committee.


Parking Automobiles must not be parked in a way that prohibits entrance to the club.


General Rules
  1. Members and guests shall be respectful and courteous to all employees and fellow members and their guests. 
  2. No member or guest shall send any employee off the Club grounds.
  3. Bank checks, drawn or endorsed by a member or non-member, will be cashed by the Club, provided; however, that (1) no member or guest may have checks cashed by the Club in excess of $100.00 and (2) the cash is received personally by such member or guest.
  4. No subscriptions shall be solicited, nor shall any article be exposed for sale, nor any advertisement displayed or circulated in the Clubhouse or upon the Club grounds, without the permission of the House Committee.
  5. No person whose membership has been forfeited, or is suspended or who has once been denied guest privileges or membership may be entertained at the Club.
  6. Loud or profane language in or about the Clubhouse or grounds is expressly prohibited.
  7. Members may not use nor allow others to use The Club at Rolling Hills Membership Directory for any commercial purpose whatsoever.
  8. In accordance with Colorado Law, smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or any indoor areas.  Per Club policy, this includes prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes.
  9. Dogs and other pets shall not be permitted on any part of the Club property or in the Clubhouse, with the exception of service animals

Golf Course Dress Code Guidelines 
Members, their spouses, children and guests are required to dress neatly in appropriate golf attire when using the golf course or practice areas. 

  • Appropriate golf attire is clothing consistent with the type of golf clothing that is available in a private club pro shop. 
  • Blue jeans, denim type pants, short shorts, workout (sweat pants), commercially printed t-shirts and swimwear are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities at any time. 
  • No metal spikes are permitted on the course or practice areas. 
  • Leggings are permissible underneath skirts, skorts or shorts.  
  • Leggings only are not dress code appropriate.  
  • Fitness attire is not permitted on the course.

Clubhouse and Dining Area Dress Code Guidelines
Members, guests and children are expected to dress in a manner appropriate and in good taste for a premier private country club. 

  • Golf and tennis attire, as sold in our pro shops, is acceptable with the exception of cotton t-shirts, cotton sweatshirts and cotton sweatpants. 
  • For sports attire that violates the club dress code, appropriate outerwear is required as a cover up. 
  • Appropriate denim is permitted in most areas of the Club, however, is not permissible on the golf course.
  • Ripped denim is not permitted.

Unacceptable Attire

The following is unacceptable at any time at the Club

  • Men: Collarless cotton t-shirts, collarless cotton sweat shirts, sleeveless shirts and men’s tank tops.
  • Cotton sweatpants are not allowed on adults
  • Any clothing that is ripped, frayed or obviously dirty
  • Work-out or swim attire on the golf course
  • Excessively large or inappropriate logos on clothing
  • Excessively short shorts or miniskirts (with the exception of appropriate tennis skirts). Our standard is set by the typical length of golf shorts.

Children under 12 years of age, are permitted to wear appropriate cotton t-shirts, cotton sweatshirts and cotton sweatpants, as long as they do not display excessively large or inappropriate logos.

Management will report any violation of these rules to the House Committee. Members are required to inform their guest of the rules. Any issues with other members should be dealt with through management and not on a direct basis.
*Occasionally the dress code will be amended for particular club events and a temporary dress code will be enforced for those specific events.